We have discussed how driver behavior is a very important part of ensuring assets are looked after and safety standards are kept.  By capturing the driver ID, the company can attribute trips, routing, man-hours and driver behavior to a particular driver.  This allows the company to:

  • Optimize driver standards and performance
  • Reduce running costs
  • Practice safe management methods
  • Attribute activities to jobs for costing and billing purposes
  • Discipline drivers for poor driving or infringements
  • Improve driver skills with actual data feedback
  • Improve customer image from improved road behavior


PrismaQuality has a range of driver ID accessories and tools which help a client identify areas of attention as well as complying to safety standards.

what methods are there to capture the info?

There are many methods out there, some favouring low cost simple solutions, others high end reliable enterprise applications.

PrismaQuality offers the following driver ID options:

  • 125kHz RFID reader  – a RFID reader wired to the device, and a tag the user touches onto the reader to identify themselves
  • 5 digit keypad  –  a convenient in-vehicle keypad that can take up to a 5 numbered pin (driver ID number) with audible and visible feedback
  • iButton Reader  – the traditional low cost Dallas key reader and tag system

Can you stop drivers or machine operators using a piece of equipment they are not certified / qualified for?

Telematics Guru – Platform has a driver list feature whereby you can populate your driver list and allocate certain drivers / operators to specific assets / vehicles.   If an immobilizer has been fitted, a driver / operator will not be able to start the asset if they are not an authorized user according to the Driver List.

This is particularly essential in operating dangerous equipment for safety reasons as well as legal liabilities and potential punitive damages to the business for non-compliance.