PQ – Yabby WiFi uses a unique wifi positioning system (WPS), or WiFi sniffer, to scan for WiFi access points and the signal strength from each one. This information is then used to triangulate a position which is typically accurate to 100 feet / 30m in metropolitan areas. And this can all be done in typically less than 3 seconds, using a lot less power than a typical GPS fix. Learn more about WiFi Positioning Systems for Indoor Tracking.

This wifi positioning system, combined with the new low power capabilities of the LTE-CATM1 module allows to shrink the design size down even smaller and use smaller AAA batteries. A game changer for tracking – Track where GPS won’t. This makes PQ – Yabby Wi-Fi a perfect fit for indoor environments such as: Warehouses, underground carparks, and heavily built underground environments.

Housing UV-Stabilized Polycarbonate
Operating temperature -20~60°C
Dimensions in mm (L/W/H) 110 / 30 / 40
Weight 86g (including batteries)
Sensors WiFi and acceleration
Batteries 2 x 3,6V (rechangeable)
Batery life 5 years (4 msg/day)
Connection Sigfox 868 / 902 / 920 MHz
Operating area Sigfox RCZ1 / RCZ2 / RCZ3
Certification Sigfox, CE, FCC
Sigfox class 0U


PQ-RANGER is an industrial grade tracking unit for indoor and outdoor usage. It can be utilized for example to trace properties or shipments, to generate geofence – alerts, for warehouse inventory or machine rental

PQ-RANGER scans surrounding WIFI – networks every hour after movement and sends three MAC – addresses with their RSSI to Sigfox -network. This data is transferred to correspond the physical location for viewing in a map. Foxer-IoT is a good example of a platform capable to perform both.

Durability of the unit makes PQ-RANGER as a perfect solution for longtime and demanding utilizations. Installation of the unit could not be more simple (screws, magnets, glue) and it does not require special tools or any confifuration work. Long lasting battery and low price ensures very low life cycle expenses.